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From economic development advisory to capex consulting for foreign as well as domestic investors, Vipra offers its services and assists in seamless execution.

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We help promoters with

Investment Structuring

Vipra helps its clients by providing optimal investment structure by evalutating multiple parameters and availaible goverment support.

Incentives optimization

Vipra works with both central and state goverments in India to avail optimized incentives and support for its Clients. Its partners have strong understanding of various incentives and schemes available in India which they leaverage to offer best in class advice to investors.

Detailed Project Reports (DPR)

Vipra Advisors has deep in house capability of building financial projections and assesing project viability by analyzing various financial metrices. It provides its clients with detailed project report of their investments.

Land Facilitation & Allotment

Vipra Advisors helps its clients in identifying best possible land parcels and facilitates smooth allotment of the same. For the last three years Vipra has facilitated allotment of 50 acres of land from various land authorities to multiple industries across India.

Bussiness Model Optimization

Vipra Advisors looks at its clients existing bussiness models with a view to optimize it for cost, technology and changing market landscape. Furthermore, it advises its clients for asset monetization and global expansion.

Legal & Related

Vipra advisors has strong inhouse legal capability to provide advisory and related documentation support to its clients pertaining to their ongoing investments as well as partnership.