Investments into Manufacturing across Industries

From Electronics manufacturing to Agribusiness and Food Processing, Vipra helps its clients in smooth grounding of their investments.


Focus Sectors

We is continuously adding new sectors to our portfolio. However, at present we have the experties to offer our services into following sectors : Electronics Sector Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), Electric Vehicles (Automotive), Gems & Jewellery, Chemical Industries, General Manufacturing, Agribussiness, Food Processing, Leather Goods, and Warehousing.

Electronics Sector Design and Manufacturing (ESDM)

With India becoming an attractive destination for electronics sector investments, Vipra is equipped to offer its clients best in class advisory and execution support right from assembly to manufacturing.

Electric Vehicles (Automotive)

As Goverment of India is committed for electrification of transport, investments into electric vehicles are flowing in. Vipra has been working with leading manufacturers since 2017 in facilitating fund raising and investments. It is uniquly positioned to offer its expertise to propective investors.

Gems & Jewellery

Vipra Advisors prides itself with helping a major Gems and Jewellery company in setting up a gold refinery unit and a mega manufacturing unit in India. With rising income level, this sectors is expected to attract significant investments and Vipra is well equipped to serve prospective investors.

Agribusiness and Food Processing

As India is a major exporter of agri produce, food processing industries is expected to attract strong investor intrest. Transformation of agri value chain and emerging models in animal husbandary, milk processing, and cattle feed puts India at the cusp of strong investments. As Vipra has worked with its clients across the value chain both in Northern and Southern part of the country, It has capabilty to offer its clients best in class solutions.

General Manufacturing

As various state goverments are offering Production Linked Incentives (PLI) for General Manufacturing such as cookware and handicrafts making, Vipra has worked with its clients to avail PLI for the greenfield and capacity expansion investments.

Leather Goods

Vipra is closer to the hubs of leather goods manufacturing cities such as Agra and Kanpur. Naturally it has deep links with the leather goods industry.

Logistics and Warehousing

Logistics and warehousing in India is offering attractive investment opportunities because of growing demand for warehouses and goverments push for reduction in in the cost of transportation.